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infoC Solutions is an Independent Technology Specialist in development, software, hardware and strategy, founded in 2008. infoC Solutions consists of a dynamic team of dedicated professionals who are committed to delivering the highest level of quality services and value to our customers. Our aim is to deliver unparalleled customer service through building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients and breakthrough innovation. By drawing upon our experience in consulting, Internet/intranet web, workflow, commerce and information portal applications, we focus on delivering optimal solutions in the least time possible, through collaboration, knowledge sharing and improved efficiency.

We provide you everything you need to create exceptional experiences for your customers. Our excellent solution in Sales, Accounting & Inventory Management in mobile, PC and cloud helps you grow your business and profit. With main focus on Accounting & Billing Applications, We also offer applications for Travel, Tourism & Hotel business(es)

As the DrawBook quickly took off, we immediately recognized the best way to grow our business was to continue to develop solutions that help others grow theirs. With that mantra in mind, we identified that most asset management and inventory tracking systems were designed (and priced) for large enterprises – leaving practically everyone else to their own devices. Typically, that meant using either pen and paper or spreadsheets. Even for small businesses – as we found from our own experience – those methods are challenging to maintain. And if you’re growing, forget about it.

From that point forward, InfoC made its mission to make business easier to do – for everyone. From the small shop just trying to keep track of parts to the budding mid-level manufacturer trying to keep up with demand, InfoC wanted to be the company these businesses turned to for reasonable priced, easy-to-implement asset and inventory tracking solutions. However, that was just part of our vision.

Why Us?

We feel your pain and understand the need for businesses to focus on core strengths by not only removing technology related inefficiencies, but enhancing employee productivity through optimal usage of assets. If our solution doesn't solve your business's pain point, we'd like to hear from you at